If the terms Linkfilter, Fark, 4chan, Digg, and Delicious mean anything to you then chances are you don't need to know anything more about Reddit. But if Stumbleupon, 9gag, and the phrase "social bookmarking" still don't make sense then read on. You just might love the Internet even more after you learn about Reddit. 
Reddit is an online forum and social bookmarking site where members see links collated from all over the web based on topics and trends. Defining it like this is quite the injustice in fact, because apart from being a depot to filter the best links in the web, Reddit is an online hub for just about anything you can think of on the Web. 
Here thus are 10 reasons to love it, or at least check it out:
1. The comments are actually funny. It's not just a link filter where you can vote a link or site up, it's where trolling just for the LoLs is actually encouraged. Reading the comments alone can teach you about sarcasm if you don't have it. 

2. There's a hangout for Pinoy users called /r/Philippines where the ratio of intellectuals to morons is actually higher than anyone else in the local web
3. Do you love a particular game? Yes. There's a subreddit for that.Diablo3 check. Zelda. Check. Starcraft check. Chess check. It's like a forum on steroids where All the geeks who love the game u love just share all their love online. 
4. There're contests. Yup. People actually throw contests there. There's a section where people submit random photos and do photoshop battles for the hell of it. Want a Miley wrecking ball with your boss' face on it? Just ask and some random guy just might do it for u. 
5. Random acts of kindness, err pizza. Some guys will randomly send over pizza your way. Or some freebie. It's an unorganized yahoo answers too so if some famous person ends up liking your reply they just might throw you a bone, send over a pizza or give you gold. It happens. Wild things happen. Ask them and you just might receive. 
6. Stranger than life but it's as good as it is. There's a section called ask me anything. Yes it started here, right about the time the folks from digg go dissillusioned with Kevin rose. Some random celebrity answers questions you throw at him. Obama did it  and so will some random astronaut. 
7. Random. Lists are refreshed in real time so u get to see the webs finest before it gets hot. It's we're most viral and trendy stuff happens before it's front page anywhere else. It's where the internet junk is sifted from ok to cute to awesome. 
8. Super intellectuals. Most scientists, university assistants and random scalawags from different walks of life hang out here secretly. with lots of experts in just about any field. You'll be surprised there a section where tey debate about fuzzy logic and algorithms of robots as well as the morality and ethics of choice. Deep end man. History? Check. Math? Yes. Kant? Check. Politics? Oh yes. 
9. And then there are the others. On the extreme side there's folks who talk about the fringes of science in sections where dreams and tarot or occult or atheism is discussed  rather objectively. Not everyone's cup of tea but that's what Reddit actually gives you - you can shut off the irrelevant and focus on what works for you. If you like cute cat pictures and babies laughing, you'll find like minded folks there,
10. And it's free. So check it out. Www.reddit.com