The newest iPhones have finally arrived thanks to Globe! Like other gadgets, iPhones also need some kind of attention. Before you get your hands dirty, let’s have a quick review of how you can take care of your colorful, shiny new iPhone.



  • Today’s devices are built with screens made of tough, scratch-resistant glass. If you’re the OC type, you can apply a screen guard to add a bit more protection. Screen guards come with various features such as smudge reduction, multiple reapplication, glare reduction, UV protection, etc. You can also get maximum protection by adding an additional layer of tempered glass. Store personnel are more than welcome to assist you in installing these screen guards.


  • Even the most careful users can accidentally drop their iPhones. To minimize scratches, dents, and severe screen damage, you can keep your iPhone inside a case that suits your protection level and style preferences. Choose from a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, materials, and features. The more protective the case, the bulkier it more likely is. Certain cases are indeed unique and cool-looking but these can sometimes affect photo quality (the flash doesn’t burst out in the correct direction). Don’t forget to remove the case once in a while to clear dust buildup. If you’re not too keen on using cases, you can opt for a pouch or a sock.


  • Apple suggests that the iPhone works best from 0 to 35 degrees Celsius, and the ideal temperature for storage is 22 degrees Celsius. Moreover, iPhones have delicate parts that can be damaged by intense heat, water, and moisture. Cases can minimize such damage but only to some extent. Take your iPhone for a swim at your own risk as long as you know that it is protected accordingly. Phone repair and parts replacement can be costly.


  • What good is an iPhone if it always runs out of battery? Improve battery life by customizing the settings: choose which apps should only refresh in the background, and choose which apps should only use Location Services. Frequent use of data connection can greatly reduce battery life (and increase bill-shock without the proper promo) so always keep your charger, boost case, or power bank at hand. Charge your device when the battery runs very low. Use third-party accessories with caution.


  • Set a passcode to keep your data private. Take advantage of the Touch ID of the iPhone 5S. Furthermore, always create a backup of your data using iTunes or iCloud. With a backup on hand, you can restore your contacts, photos, messages, apps, etc. in the event that you upgrade or lose your device.


You probably know these tips already but a little reminder won’t hurt. This is not an exhaustive list so if you have other ways of taking care of your iPhone, feel free to share it to the Community through the comments. :smileyhappy: