T’was a night of sharing, service and giving back as the true spirit of Christmas had ushered in the very first night of this memorable month.


Globe Telecom has partnered with Digicon Events Management to come up with a one-of-a-kind fundraising activity by putting up “STARSERVE”, an event where celebrities literally served food, drinks, and desserts to patrons in Outback Steakhouse along E. Rodrguez, Jr in Libis, Quezon City.



The celebrities who served and gave their time with the Damas Kids… Everyone happy!


Who would have thought that stars in their own fields would give their time for the benefit of the Asociacion de Damas de Filipinas children and the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda? One by one they were introduced… Chef JP Anglo of Sarsa Restaurant, former child star now blogger and Globe Community member Chuckie Dreyfus, RX 93.1’s Chico Garcia and Gino Quillamor,  TV host funnyman Franco Mabanta, actor Alfonso Martinez, TV host Marc Nelson, singer Sabrina Orial, The Perkins twins Jesse and Christian, acoustic singer Princess Velasco and Chef Nino Logarta.


The spirit of service and sharing was further stressed as Globe reiterated its thrust through the presence of the Globe Community, an online platform created where Globe subscribers could ask, share and learn from the experiences and knowledge of others about Globe’s products and services. In return, the Globe Community team recognized the active members for their extraordinary contributions that kept the 15,000 member community alive and strong. The following members were given due recognition:


@Jeian – Tattoo Master

For being a super awesome Globe Community member to other Tattoo users and providing helpful answers to questions


@joyrenn_patio – Mr. Milestone Award

For being the community’s 10,000th member




@jhuan – Most Dependable Award

For constantly sharing his interesting ideas and useful answers to aid the other members in the community.

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@ssoB_Yacci – Prepaid Master

For being an awesome Globe Community member to other Prepaid subscribers.

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@TERQZ – GCash Master

                                     For being a super Globe subscriber and helping other GCash users.

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@GIBO – Globe Love Award

For being a model member, giving help and encouragement that keeps the Globe Community a fun place to      hang out online.

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@ChitoReyes (shy)

Postpaid Master - for being an excellent Globe Community member to other Postpaid subscribers by providing helpful answers to questions.

Thumbs Up Champ -  for being an insightful member and having the most number of thumbs up received.

Solutions King - for receiving the most number of Accepted Solutions in Globe Community, sharing his exceptional tips and solutions to help his fellow subscribers.

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  1. Acoustic song numbers were provided by singers Sabrina, Princess Velasco and the Perkins twins Jesse and Christian.



Whoops Kiri Whoops!... The Damas Kids!


Then came the most applauded portion of the program… the reason why all of us were there… a heartwarming series of performances by no less than the orphans of the Asociacion de Damas de Filipinas - a truly touching experience where the recipients of the donation were actually giving back to the very people who cared about them.


Who got what? There were corporate giveaways, raffle prizes, awards but it did not really matter that night as it was more fun to share, serve and to give back to the community where we belong - this is, after all, the real Globe Community. 




Awesome choice of food plus refillable iced tea… Who can complain?




Some members of the Globe Community (L-R) ssoB_yacci (Jessica), TERQZ (Jeffrey), hcescala (Hermie), GIBO (Gilbert, RNav (Ralf) and ishtangli (Stan)

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Hmmm… How many celebrities can you see?

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