Happy New Year, Globe Community!


This week (January 1-7, 2014) is the National Standard Time Consciousness Week. In accordance with Republic Act No. 10535, the Philippine Standard Time (PhST) should be set in all official sources throughout the country, specifically for the synchronization of time devices.


To help spread the word, DOST-PAGASA and the National Telecommunications Commission, reached out to Globe Telecom to inform the entire country through its subscribers… you!


Sync your gadgets now in PhST by clicking on this link, and tell your friends and loved ones about it.


Let us start 2014 on time and in sync!




Frequently asked questions:


Why is Globe actively supporting this initiative?


Being a public utility with communications as its main core of business, Globe is helping the government through PAGASA-DOST to disseminate the information through:


-          The reach of its modernized network

-          Its social media accounts

-          Its customer-facing facilities such as the Globe Stores

-          Its employees


How is Globe helping to disseminate information?


Starting Dec. 31, 2013, Globe will be using these channels to inform the public about the PhST through the following:


-          SMS blast, containing the website and links to access the PhST

-          Globe website (www.globe.com.ph)

-          Globe Facebook page (facebook.com/globe)

-          Globe Twitter account (@enjoyGlobe)

-          Globe Store representatives: will be of assistance to set the time display of phones according to the PhST