Globe runs on a desire to bring wonderful experiences to its subscribers.


And recently, it has taken another step forward with a partnership with Spotify, an online marvel set to change how we listen to – and experience – music.


And Spotify is…?


spotify logoi.jpg


In less than half a lifetime, the progress of music technology has had us moving from cassette tapes to CDs to mp3s.   Spotify catapults us to the next stage of this evolution.  Now made available in the Philippines, it presents an entirely new and better way to listen to music.


The brilliance of this creation is its capacity to allow every single user to hook up to a web-based goldmine of songs, from the chart toppers to the more obscure tunes; for every age, for every taste.  Unburdened by parameters like limited memory and corrupted files, Spotify is a virtually endless music collection at your disposal, at zero charge.


Let it be known though that this is not just some online jukebox: its nifty “Mood” feature lets you pick from a list of pre-arranged playlists to cater to whatever soundtrack the moment demands.


Start the day kicking with playlists like “Songs to Sing in the Shower”, “Ready for the Day”, or “Early Morning Rise”. Slow down the weekday stress with “Office Detox”; on the flipside, put together your team’s next brilliant idea while songs from “ThinkTank” or “Brainstorm Of the Century” play in the background.


Other playlists include “For the Picnic”, “Relaxed Driving Music”, “Better Off Without You”, ‘Walk In Like You Own the Place”, even “The PMS Playlist”, “Post Yoga Glow”, and (if you’re into that sort of thing) “Hipster Morning”.


Spotify works well as an app (available for Android, iOS, Windows 8 and BlackBerry 7) as it does via browser.  Users are also presented with the option of a paid premium service, which eliminates the ads and allows song downloads.  But even with its free version, Spotify is essentially thousands of songs in your pocket, all for free.  Each one at your beck and call to be part of your day’s soundtrack.


Making Beautiful Music Together

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In an effort to give customers the best possible experience, Globe forged an exclusive partnership with Spotify.  This collaboration resulted in the GoSurf promo, designed to give users the best way to experience music.


By registering to GoSurf, Prepaid and Postpaid users will be able to access free music streaming via Spotify, with no extra data charges.  This is on top of the allocation for other mobile internet activities (checking email, surfing, and a whole lot more).


With the promo, you can get as much as 1GB allocated for Spotify music, valid for 30 days.  This lets you enjoy worry-free streaming of any song that strikes your fancy or fits your mood.  You get access to the pre-selected playlists, or even create and share your own collections.  You can search for your favorite musicians, and listen to their playlists.


All of these, and an endless list of possibilities, await you without breaking your wallet.



Prepaid Globe customers can choose from any of these GoSurf variants:


spotify prepaid.png


A list of great GoSurf options is also available for those with Postpaid plans:


spotify postpaid.png

Additionally, if you’re a Postpaid customer, you can get up to 6 months free Spotify Premium with your GoSurf subscription.   This lets you enjoy Spotify at its fullest, with all the perks and features that help enhance how you enjoy music.


Spotify redefines how you experience and appreciate music by letting you seamlessly integrate it to your day, and into your life.  GoSurf lets you take advantage of this capability in a friendly, hassle-free way.


All in all, a wonderful partnership.