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Hi there, Globe Community!


How’s your week so far? Just a few more days till the weekend. Since most of us are either at work, at home, or currently on summer vacation, having a song playlist to listen to can surely make our days more wonderful. Did you know that you can create your own playlist on Spotify? You can listen to your favorite artists all for FREE when you register to any GoSURF promo! You also get access to over 30 million international and OPM songs for free!


To register dial *143# and choose GOSURF. To give you an idea what Spotify is all about, you can head on over to Globe, Spotify, and the Music of our Times.


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Photo from paulos


Curious to find out what our Globe Community moderator paulos listens to while he’s at work? Check out his favorite playlist on Spotify called Music for a Workday. Who knows, you guys might share the same taste in music.


If you've already created your own Spotify playlist, why not share them here so everyone can tune in and follow your playlist. Feel free to share by replying on this thread.