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Are you always online surfing the net on your mobile phones? Do you see yourself using Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. for countless of hours a day? Well, you’re not alone since most of us rely on social networks nowadays to stay in the loop with our family and friends. We also use these channels to stay updated with the latest local and international news.


With GoSURF, you can visit your favorite sites and apps on your mobile phone anytime you want. Just register to GoSURF and enjoy consumable internet. Plus, you get to experience Spotify, where you can stream music all day, for free!


You can use Facebook while steaming the latest hits, go running while listening to your Get Pumped Playlist, discover new music and artists, create your own unique playlist, share music with friends, chat with other users, and more—all on your mobile phone!


Did we mention you can also surf, tweet, instagram, e-mail, and more with GoSURF? What are you waiting for then? Enjoy staying connected anytime, anywhere, and explore a wonderful world of consumable mobile internet where you can steam music all day, every day!


To register dial *143# and choose GOSURF.