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Photo by Sherwin Guzman

It’s a great time to be a music fan in Manila right now. All the hottest indie bands played in the recently concluded Wanderland Music & Arts Festival. Acts like The Drums, The Royal Concept, The Paper Kites and the Last Dinosaurs wowed the crowd. Local up-and-comers were also given ample time to shine.

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Photos from At Her Leisure

Local bands Chocolate Grass, Brisom, Techy Romantics, and the Ransom Collective

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Woody Pitney and Lucy Rose were there to provide some alternative / folk music.

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Photos from At Her Leisure

Franco and Wonderful All Stars proved they can rock just as hard as the foreign acts.

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Photos from At Her Leisure


The Paper Kites and Last Dinosaurs


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Photo from At Her Leisure

The Royal Concept’s performance was the best of the night!

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Photo from Status Magazine

Architecture in Helsinki

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Photo from Status Magazine

And the festival’s headliners, The Drums!

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Photo by Jikay Laborte

Wanderland is not your ordinary music festival. Apart from the unbelievable line-up of both local and foreign acts, it featured plenty of attractions like the Globe Wonderzone where festivalgoers can play parlor games simply by signing up to GoSURF!

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Photos by Jikay Laborte, Bernadine Garcia

There was an art zone where artists transformed a blank canvas into stunning pieces of art right in front of everyone’s eyes.

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Photos by Sherwin Guzman, Jikay Laborte

From games and rides to plenty of food trucks and stalls, there was something for everybody.

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Photos by Bernadine Garcia, Patricia Nabong, Jikay Laborte

Everyone who was there certainly had a blast. We sure can’t wait for what next year has in store! Hopefully it can match or even surpass the fun we had this year. The Globe Circuit Grounds was the perfect venue, too!

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Photo by Magic Liwanag

Did you attend this year’s Wanderland Music Festival? Share your experiences by commenting below!

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