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Thumbs Up is an important feature that’s been enabled on the Globe Community. Thumbs Up lets you give credit to users whose posts are particularly useful, helpful or beneficial. When you click Thumbs Up to a message, you are giving a virtual pat on the back to its author.


For example if you post a question and another Globe Community member replies with a helpful answer - you should give it a Thumbs Up. Don't be limited to answered questions though - you should give Thumbs Up to posts you agree with or found informative and think deserve recognition.


The Thumbs Up icon is easy to find - it’s a hand with a thumbs up on a blue background found below each post.

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Sample Post:

Thumbs Up 3.png

Once a post has received a Thumbs Up click, you will see the number change from 0 to 1.

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We hope this explanation of the Thumbs Up feature will encourage you, our dear Globe Community members to give recognition to fellow members for their genius contributions.


Has someone been helpful lately? Don't forget to click that Thumbs Up button to show your appreciation.


Meanwhile, if you have found the answer to your question or concern, don't forget to recognize the person who replied to you by clicking Correct Answer to mark it as an Accepted Solution - this will not only help you, but also other members with a similar question find solutions faster.