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There is a difference between a ‘Question’ and a ‘Discussion’ in Globe Community. Every time you start a discussion, it will automatically be marked as a question.

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A ‘Question’ is when you want to ask any non-account related concerns to other Globe Community members while a ‘Discussion’ is when you want to share your two cents and let others contribute to the conversation / discussion thread.


A question’s primary objective is to find an answer and mark it as correct to help other members with a similar question find answers faster. On the other hand, a discussion’s primary objective is to start a conversation or crowd source ideas from Globe Community members and there are no right or wrong answers per se.


If you want to ask a question, just leave the checkmark on the box ‘Mark this question as a question’ as is.

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If you wish to start a discussion and share your two cents, uncheck the box ‘Mark this question as a question

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Once you’re done composing your message, you can click ‘Post’ below the text box.

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Congratulations! You've successfully posted a question or discussion.


However, once you mention banned keywords or external links in your posts, you will receive this message above your post.

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If your post was rejected, you’ll get this message and receive a moderator’s note explaining why your post was rejected.

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We hope this explanation will help Globe Community members distinguish the difference between a question and a discussion thread when starting a conversation.


Meanwhile, has someone been helpful? Give them a Thumbs Up to show your appreciation. Have you found the answer to your question or concern? Don't forget to recognize the person who replied to you by clicking Correct Answer to mark it as an accepted solution/answer - this will not only help you, but also other members with a similar question find solutions faster.