That’s right! Globe is the first in the Philippines to achieve 3G coverage to where it matters. As long as you’re a Globe customer, your mobile gets high-speed wireless internet all day wherever there's a Globe signal!


Now that everyone’s got 3G in the palm of their hands, this doesn't mean we’re done working to provide you with a more wonderful experience. The innovation doesn't end here!


We always want our customers to enjoy the latest in mobile technology, that’s why we’re continuously pushing the boundaries of telecommunications. This time around, we’re focusing on the more advanced 4G infrastructure with HSPA+ technology. For you, it’s a more wonderful digital lifestyle experience. You can browse the internet and enjoy faster data connectivity even when you’re browsing image-heavy feeds or watching videos.


Your now-fast 3G experience is going to be even faster in 90 days thanks to the combined 3G and 4G infrastructures.


Our networks are more reliable than ever. You won’t just feel the improvement with your internet connection, you can expect the same high-level of quality in messaging and voice calls. You can do work, stay informed with your family, or spend precious leisure time online without the wait. That’s what high-speed internet, powered by Globe, is all about.


We work hard to stay on top of your digital needs. By the end of the year, we’ll have more than 6,500 cell sites. That’s 6,500+ cell sites functioning tirelessly to give you only the best telecommunication experience.


Stay productive even on the go. Connect with your family 24/7. With Globe, your smartphone is your ticket to a more productive and more wonderful life.


You can refer to Network | Help and Support frequently asked questions (FAQs) for more info.


Article by Nikki F.