You may have heard that Globe has the largest 4G and 3G network in the country. This means, you can now enjoy 3G signal wherever we have network presence!


We also currently have the largest 4G network in terms of coverage, since we already activated HSPA+ in most areas nationwide. With this, you’ll be able to maximize our enhanced network especially if you’re using a 3G- or 4G-capable smartphone or tablet.


So, what does it mean for you, Ka-Globe?


This network upgrade improves your use in three important ways:


Improved Quality of Calls


It’s now even easier to make calls due to our faster connection. More importantly, there are fewer instances of dropped calls. Voice call quality has been significantly better as well. No matter the distance between you and the person on the other line, you can hear them clearly and vice-versa.


Faster Sending and Receiving of Texts


Sending an urgent message? You no longer have to worry if the recipient received it on time. With our modernized network, SMS transmissions are faster, with text messages now instantaneously sent and received.


Internet Connection is Better than Ever


Mobile internet service is more consistent now compared to 2 years ago. That’s an overall improvement in terms of connection and speed. Not only that, the network’s capacity has been expanded and more people are now able to enjoy surfing using their mobile devices.


To know if our 3G or 4G network covers your area, click here.


Article by nikkif