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We’re always working hard to make sure your experience with us remains wonderful. One of the many ways we strive to do that is to keep your mobile phones spam-free.


You may remember a few months ago we posted various ways you can report scams or spam text messages. Well, we’re glad to share that so far, we've blocked nearly a thousand mobile numbers reportedly used for scamming and spamming Globe customers.


As of April, we've blocked 995 numbers—that’s 33% higher than the total mobile numbers blocked from the network in 2013. This means, we’re aggressively and continuously doing our part in keeping those pesky text messages from your inbox.


This rise in number is thanks to you, Ka-Globe. The number of blocked numbers due to reported spamming activities increased 450% from just a year ago.


By reporting mobile numbers used in sending annoying text spams, we were able to act quickly and appropriately. We will continue to pursue this campaign so that our network will not be used for illegal activities.


Aside from deactivating mobile numbers used in sending text spams, we also report spam cases to the National Telecommunications Commission. We’ve asked the NTC for assistance to impose sanctions against spammers through fines and penalties for sending unsolicited texts to Globe subscribers.


To report text scams and spam messages, just go to our #StopSpam page and provide all the details required. You can also report spam activity via the Globe website through Chat, send a message through the Globe Contact Form, or tweet your concern to @talk2GLOBE on Twitter. Just give us the number, exact message, time, and date you received the message, and we’ll do the rest.


Let’s continue to work together and strive to make Globe wonderful and spam-free!


Article by Nikki F.