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Do you ever find yourself without signal? Maybe you want to know how to subscribe to the latest promos, or if there’s a way to call loved ones abroad without your Postpaid bill skyrocketing. Perhaps you just got a new phone and you want to set up your social media accounts but you’re afraid to tinker with your phone’s settings.


What do you do? Where do you get information?


All solutions to these scenarios—and more—can be found in one place: The Help and Support section of the Globe website! That’s right, Ka-Globe! One webpage contains everything you need to know as a Globe customer.


All your Questions Answered


Help and Support features dozens of FAQs on various topics:

  • Postpaid
  • Prepaid
  • Data and Network
  • International
  • GCash
  • Rewards
  • Share-a-Load
  • Entertainment
  • Tech Support


On this section, you can get answers to promo durations, how to activate your roaming, how to read your Postpaid bill, and all the cool things you can do with your GCash account. Best of all, you can read these information in an easy-to-read format!


Make Your Smartphone Do More


The Device Configuration section doesn't just tell you what you need to know, it shows you how to do it! Pick an operating system, device, and feature or service you want to do and just follow the instructions on the screen. It even shows you how each step should look like on your phone. You can even download guides as PDF for future reference.


Whether your phone operates in iOS, Blackberry, Windows, or Android, there’s a device configuration system for you.


Step-By-Step Solutions to Troubleshoot Your Phone


There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to use your phone for basic tasks like making calls, sending text messages, and connecting to the Internet. The Help & Support section also features phone troubleshooting guides that ask you a series of questions to find the root of the problem and offer the best and quickest solutions.


We currently have troubleshooting guides for these technical problems:

  • When your phone has no signal
  • When your phone cannot make / receive calls
  • When your phone cannot send / receive text messages
  • When your phone cannot connect to the internet


See that, Ka-Globe? Everything you need to know to make your Globe experience wonderful is in one webpage. Visit the Help & Support section today!


Article by nikkif