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Last week, we shared with you the good news: our 100% 3G coverage and constantly growing 4G network has made things so much better in three important ways:

  • Improved quality of calls
  • Faster sending and receiving of texts
  • Internet connection is better than ever


Well, we asked a few fellow Globe Community members how their experience is with our new and improved 3G and 4G network, and this is what they have to say:




“Calls are great and no drop so far. I have not experienced failed SMS in a while. I noticed when it comes to data connection, more areas now have 3G/4G compared to before which was kinda frustrating, especially the ‘EDGE’ connection. I have more peace of mind receiving timely notifications from apps that use data like FB messenger, Line, and Viber.”




“Haven’t had problems with calls. Surfing seems seamless here in Metro Manila and even in Cebu where I was yesterday."




“Call is clearer. The internet is wonderful and better than ever.”



“I've been a loyal Globe Prepaid subscriber. Ever since I used Globe, I haven’t encountered major issues with the network, like not being able to make calls and texts or connect to the internet. There are some instances of system issues but it is being addressed immediately. Well, now, with the improved 3G and 4G network, I highly recognize the improvement of my internet connection. I’m already satisfied with calls and texts even before. Now, anywhere I go with my 3G-capable device, I always acquire H+ signal which provides me with a reliable connection. I am able to enjoy playing online games, upload photos on my FB, and do other internet stuff.”




“Signal-wise, I've had no experience of being on EDGE or dead spots already, at least in areas I frequent. I also have yet to experience dropped calls or unsent messages since the network was enhanced. Overall, Globe’s pervasive 3G / 4G network is a welcome improvement for us subscribers who wish nothing but our money’s worth.”




“I am always on the go and I frequently use apps that require a data connection. Globe’s improved 3G and 4G network has made navigating, surfing, and emailing speedier. Nowadays, it’s more efficient to stay Globe-connected than to struggle with unreliable and congested free WIFI services.”


There you have it! Our 3G and 4G improvements straight from Community members just like you!


Share your own experiences with the new network in the comments section below!