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Remember when we told you about the many ways you can #StopSPAM, and the great results we've been having since then? Well, we’re taking the next big step to make spam and scam messages a thing of the past!


We’re testing a filtering system that will keep you from receiving unwanted and annoying text spam messages. We've installed an automated mechanism in our network that has now prevented over 10,000 unwanted messages from being sent.


We’re working hard to include more Postpaid customers in this filtering system in the coming days. We’re always doing our best to continue designing and developing mechanisms that will finally rid Globe of malicious messages for a more wonderful customer experience.


As of April this year, we have barred more than 1000 mobile numbers. That is 33% higher than the total mobile numbers blocked from the network for the whole of 2013.


You, our customers have been instrumental in helping us stop these messages. You can help us further by reporting any text spam and scam. Just go to and provide all the details required.


When numbers are reported for the first time, we send them warnings. The second time around, we immediately block them from the network. This means that voice, SMS, and data services will not be available to them. These functions will only be restored if the users contest the reports and show proof that they are not text spammers.


Let’s work together to finally #StopSPAM!