We’re living in a time where there’s an app for nearly everything. Some of them are free, but most of the best ones are paid or have premium versions you can only purchase through a credit card. Despite the growing number of Filipinos going mobile, only 4% have credit cards. This means, majority of Filipinos have to stick with free versions.


Well, guess what Ka-Globe? All that is about to change! You can now buy your favorite apps on the Google Play Store without a credit card!


We’re now offering a wonderful new service -- Direct Carrier Billing. Whether you’re a Globe Postpaid, Prepaid, or TM customer, you may now buy apps or in-app item in the Google Play Store and charge the cost directly to your load or Postpaid bill! No credit card necessary!


Here’s how you do it:


1. Select the app you want to buy in the Google Play Store and accept permissions.


2. On the payment options menu, select “Enable Globe Telecom Billing” and agree to the Terms of Service.


3. Register your phone number, name, and address and wait for your payment to be processed.


4. You will receive a mobile and email notification from Google upon successful purchase.

For your next purchases, you will just need to enter your Google ID and password. It’s that easy!


Make sure you’re connected to the internet via WiFi or mobile to complete your transaction. Note that purchases made via Globe load or postpaid bill are converted to Philippine peso and are subject to 12% additional VAT over and above the display price on the Google Play Store.


With Globe, you can own all your favorite apps and experience them in the most wonderful way. Visit the Google Play Store today!