Have you ever received a message that read like this?


“Globe: Congrats! You’re one of the lucky postpaid subscribers to receive a P500 bill discount. To claim your bill discount just text: 500 and send to 2906XXXXXXX.”


It may be a Share-A-Load text scam!


Remember that adding a “2” before the 10-digit mobile number is a Share-A-Load transaction. No other Globe transaction will require you to put ‘2’ before your mobile number. Don’t worry; we’re taking more strict measures to prevent you from becoming a victim of these malicious messages.


Share-A-Load transactions are now limited to P150 for prepaid customers and P300 for postpaid customers. This keeps you from accidentally sending up to P500 credit to a text scammer, who usually tries to get that amount.

Share-A-Load Confirmation SMS.png

As an added measure, you will be asked to confirm your transaction via SMS. This should limit the incidents of customers falling prey to text scams that use spiels regarding rewards, loyalty, discounts, roaming and bill overcharge, waiver of charges, refunds, etc.


If you receive Share-A-Load text scam messages, report the incidents through globe.com.ph/stopspam. Just provide all the details required and we’ll do the rest.


Since our #StopSpam page was created last June 2014, we've received over 42,000 reports. Let’s work together to make Globe a spam and scam-free network.

UPDATE: Whenever you make a Share-A-Load transaction, you will receive a validation message from a 2652XXXXXXXXX number prompting you to reply with YES within 5 minutes.

Share-A-Load Validation SMS.png

If you fail to reply, within the time frame, your Share-A-Load transaction will automatically be cancelled. This is to safeguard you further from Share-A-Load scams.