To celebrate September 16 and September 17 (or 0916 and 0917), we’re giving back to the customers who put us where we are now.


We’re taking part in PH+SocialGood: Manila #2030NOW, the two-day Manila leg of the New York-based initiative, the Social Good Summit. The event examines the role of technology in new media to address difficult challenges the country is now facing. This is especially relevant when it comes to disaster risk reduction and management.


In this summit, we will address how technology can be used to deal with climate change, as well as the impact it could leave behind. More importantly, it will also address how people can help ensure that there will be no casualties when the next typhoon comes.


We are also extending our help to one of the most severely hit locations of Super Typhoon Haiyan through project “Bulig 4 Aklan”. We’re committed to provide education, housing, health, and livelihood assistance to seven affected towns.


In addition, we've also partnered with the WeatherPhilippines Foundation to create disaster resilient communities. By providing localized and real time weather updates, we can do our part in helping the public prepare for typhoons, heavy rains, and severe flooding.


We currently power 420 automated weather stations scattered nationwide. By providing these stations with text and data plans, they can give accurate data on temperature, average rainfall, pressure, solar radiation, humidity, and wind speed and direction within a 2 to 15 km radius every ten minutes. This information is sent to key decision makers in the local government to help them act fast and execute plans during calamities.


By continuously working to find ways to limit disruptions to our services during calamities, we aid in disaster risk reduction and management. This is our way of creating a wonderful world.