Gone are the days when Facebook was only accessible on a desktop or laptop computer. Now, you can always be connected with your Facebook friends thru your mobile phone. Yup, the power of technology! With this, I have developed a habit of doing certain things on Facebook mobile every time I use it. Let me share the Top 5 things I do on Facebook mobile:


1. Newsfeed Surfing


I really enjoy scrolling down the newsfeed on my mobile phone as I read different stories of my friends. By doing this, I get to be updated and not miss out on my friends’ sentiments and happenings. Reading my newsfeed also allows me to crowdsource the hot news, topics, and trends. This saves me time to manually switch to another web browsing app and do a search scan. Actually, sometimes I get quality posts from the newsfeed even without going to online search engines. Oh and one more thing, if I get stuck in long waiting lines or the ever-unforgiving traffic, I also check my newsfeed to see if there are videos uploaded on Facebook that I can watch.


2. Chat with friends


Ever experienced the hassle of leaving an active conversation with your friend on Facebook just because you don’t have mobile data on your phone? Well, this is one function of Facebook that I truly appreciate – staying connected using Facebook messages. No need for the Facebook Messenger app if you are trying to save space memory on your mobile phone. You can compose and reply to Facebook messages by opening your mobile browser (i.e., Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.)


3. Check-In Places


I usually do this when I’m bonding with my family or catching up with my friends may it be in a restaurant, bar, hotel, or a beach resort. It honestly makes me feel good when I do this and it actually feels better when my friends “Like” my check-in.


4. Upload Photos/Videos


From “trying-to-be-artistic” shots, food, landscape, groupies, and even selfies, I post them whenever I can using Facebook mobile.  And if I feel lazy to upload photo albums on my laptop, I use Facebook mobile as well in posting those numerous photos. Also, I upload videos of myself doing acoustic covers to share my talent among my Facebook friends.


5. Post Status Updates


“Inspiring my friends and spreading positivity” is the typical parameter when I post status updates on my Facebook account. And actually, this works for me. I feel more relevant to my friends whenever these status updates receive a significant number of likes, comments, and even shares – validates the fact that what I post on my Facebook matters to my friends.


How about you? What are the Top 5 things that you do using Facebook Mobile?



If you still haven’t developed a similar habit as mine, I believe you are about to get started. Why? Because #FreeFBisBack! Globe has already announced the wonderful news of “free Facebook access” for its subscribers. You can surf Facebook anytime, anywhere, with no MB allocation. No strings attached. In other words: Unlimited Facebook surfing! Pretty cool, right?


Just stay tuned for details on how to activate free Facebook on your mobile phone. Have a wonderful day!