Do you have apps you can’t live without? Do you wish you could connect to some of these apps 24/7? If you’re a Globe Postpaid customer, you’re in luck!  Our new Lifestyle Bundles offers you exactly that. Yep, you heard us! You can now use your favorite apps without it consuming your mobile data.


We have several Lifestyle Bundles able to meet your needs at work, school, or your interests and hobbies. It’s very easy to subscribe, too! Just text the KEYWORD (ex. NAVIGATION 99) to 8888. You can also register via the GServices app or by dialing *143#


Subscribe to these wonderful Lifestyle Bundles:

Lifestyle Bundles - Navigation.PNG

Navigation Bundle (Keyword: NAVIGATION 99)

Never get lost again with unlimited access to Waze and Google Maps; only book safe and reliable cabs with GrabTaxi; know which roads to avoid with the help of the MMDA app; find out the metro’s weather situation with AccuWeather.

Included Apps: Waze, GrabTaxi, Google Maps, MMDA, AccuWeather

Lifestyle Bundles - Chat.PNG

Chat Bundle (Keyword: CHAT 299)

Stay in conversation with friends and family 24/7! Whether your barkada enjoys Viber chats and Whatsapp or your relatives prefer KakaoTalk and Facebook Messenger, this bundle has you covered and keeps you connected.

Included Apps: Viber, Whatsapp, Line, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Facebook Messenger

Lifestyle Bundles - Photo.PNG

Photo Bundle (Keyword: PHOTO 299)

You’ll never have to tag any photo with #latepost again! Share your exciting experiences, stunning selfies, and artsy photo skills in real time. Not only that, you can also keep updated with all your friends and family’s Instagrammed adventures.

Included Apps: Instagram, PhotoRepost, PhotoGrid, Instasize

Lifestyle Bundles - Work.PNG

Work Bundle (Keyword: WORK 299)

Never miss an urgent email again! This bundle offers you access to your Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, as well as files stored in your Globe Cloud and bits and pieces you kept on your Evernote. Subscribe to the work bundle and stay productive!

Included Apps: Globe Cloud, Evernote, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail

Lifestyle Bundles - Shopping.PNG

Shopping Bundle (Keyword: SHOP 299)

Want to stay on top of the latest deals from the biggest stores online? Now that’s possible with the Shopping Bundle! If you see something you want, you can instantly search for it on apps included in this bundle and buy it instantly!

Included Apps: Zalora,, AyosDito, eBay, Amazon


Once subscribed, you can enjoy all-day access to these apps for 30 days! You can even subscribe to different Lifestyle Bundles at the same time. What are you waiting for? Subscribe and enjoy unlimited, all-access passes to your favorite apps!