Hey guys! I know it’s not yet a Thursday to do some throwback, but I just remembered my very first phone - the ever famous Nokia 5110, which I got when I was around 12-13 years old. Several more phones came after that, especially due to the radical evolution of mobile phones as years passed by.


How about you? What was/were your first phone/s before the one you are using at present? And if I’m going to ask… where are these old phones now? Did you get rid of them already or have put them back in their boxes? To many of us, old phones may really be of no use anymore, but actually, our old and defective phones symbolize hope and a future to many.



Globe has recently launched #Project1Phone – an initiative to do something wonderful out of our non-working and discarded mobile phones. Who knew that these useless gadgets can help build classrooms for the children of Aklan? Yup, our old and defective phones can!


So if you are about to throw your old and useless mobile phones away, I encourage you to just participate in Globe’s #Project1Phone and be a part of saving the environment from e-waste and at the same time giving students a chance to be in a proper learning environment.

How? Simply donate your old phones for recycling at any of the participating Globe Stores. All proceeds from recycling these old phones will go to rebuilding schools in Aklan that were affected by typhoon Yolanda.


Help give a good future to the kids of Aklan. I highly encourage you to share this effort to your family and friends. Let's do our share to make this world a more wonderful place to live in.


To see the list of participating Globe Stores and for more information about #Project1Phone, please visit http://www.globe.com.ph/globebridgecom/project1phone