And by reading the title, I think you already know the point I’m driving at. It’s true, right? Everybody wants a personal touch on something. May it be food, clothing, even your own mobile number – we get a greater satisfaction when we have stuff or have bought something that is personalized. I think what makes us happy is the fact that it was according to our own standards. Nobody knows ourselves better than us!


Since I’m a bit hungry at the moment, I just randomly thought of two food chains adapting to this “I want it personalized” behavior. These restos really got a lot of attention especially through word-of-mouth and social media. I believe it is a testament to how people are really satisfied with what they personally created and post it on their Instagram and blogs.


Project Pie

“Design. Build. Eat.” – with this concept adapted by Project Pie, no wonder it was hailed one of the best restaurants in 2013. Customers really enjoy making their own versions of their pizzas. All they have to do is pick their pizza’s toppings according to their preference and enjoy eating their artisanal pizza at a reasonable price. Oh and also take a photo of it and share it on their social media accounts!


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Magnum Café

This is actually my personal favorite! I love Magnum so much since it was made available to the market a few years ago. Knowing that a Magnum Café has opened here in the Philippines really got me more excited. Personally, Magnum on its own is a satisfying delicious dessert already but elevating it to a more artisanal and restaurant-quality ice cream is divine. With your choice of dip, and a lot of toppings to choose from, you can customize your own Magnum ice cream and indulge on its heavenly goodness!

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Okay, enough with the food! There's also another thing that you can customize apart from all these scrumptious food ideas. I’m talking about your mobile consumption.


With all these numerous promos for prepaid users, sometimes you still can't find the best and optimized promo perfect for your intended usage. Because of this, Globe has already introduced the GoSakto promo!

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Create that pinakasaktong combo for that pinakasaktong feeling! Now with over 200 million call, text, and app combos to share how you feel!


To create your own GoSAKTO promo, here's how:

  • Specify what you need.
    • Type of calls and number of minutes
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    • Amount of mobile internet MB
  • Choose how long your promo lasts—day, week, or month—and how much it costs.
  • Give it a name and share your very own promo on Facebook, so your friends can register to it, too!


Click here to create one: GoSAKTO Offer | Prepaid


For more questions, you may click here GoSAKTO | Promos | Prepaid | Help and Support


Loving the Globe’s GoSakto promo? Tell us how much are you enjoying your pinakasaktong combo perfectly made by you!