It is very normal nowadays to see netizens share moments, memories, and throwbacks in their social media accounts. And for me personally, seeing these precious things shared by people online makes me smile and in a way, empathize to their reminiscence. It actually inspires me to share photos of the unforgettable moments in my life and also encourage others as well. So with that, I want to impose a fun challenge to everyone most especially my fellow iPhone users here in Community. Are you up for this?


Let’s  try this 6-Day #ThatWonderfulMoment iPhone Challenge  wherein you will post your favorite iPhone captured moments everyday for 6 days and tag 1-6 (iPhone user) friends per post to do the same 6-day Wonderful Moments with iPhone Challenge. You may challenge all of your followers as well. Oh and to make the photo really nostalgic, let’s all apply a “black&white” filter to it!


Posts shall reflect how your iPhone has always been your best buddy, and how most of the unforgettable moments in your life are captured with your iPhone. You can have your own anything goes caption but you will have to include this at the end of your caption:


I nominate _____<friends>____ from the Philippines. The nominee/s shall post a photo of a wonderful moment captured on iPhone every day for 6 days and nominate 1-6 friends each day to do the same just for fun! :-) MORE INFO:




Ready for this? Let’s all join the bandwagon, guys!