All of us are unique in many different ways – the way we talk, act, eat, dress up, make decisions – we have our own lifestyle. Anything contrary to our lifestyle make us feel uncomfortable and/or unhappy at times, agree? We want things to adjust to who we are so we can freely be ourselves.


Nowadays, one of the most popular avenue to express oneself is thru social media. We continuously see how this influences the behavior of all active netizens (people who use the internet) with regard to how they collectively contribute in the social media space. Wondering if you are a netizen? Well, if your day is not complete without checking your smartphone for traffic updates, replying to messages, checking e-mails, browsing for items on sale, or taking photos of food you eat, then you’re a certified active netizen. Internet connectivity is part and parcel of accomplishing your daily tasks, may it be your personal errands or your to-do list in school or at work.


However, one big factor which hinders netizens to be active is the internet connection. Wi-Fi hotspots are not aplenty to give you the instant connection that you need. And sometimes, you also find unlimited data plan too steep for your budget. Because of these limitations, you don’t get to express yourself fully in sharing your own lifestyle.


But don’t worry because there’s wonderful news to all new and existing Globe Postpaid customers! With the new Lifestyle Bundles, you get all-you-want access to a suite of apps that best fit your lifestyle, interests, and needs!


See what Lifestyle Bundle fits you and your digital persona:


THE ROADRUNNER: The Navigation Bundle is your perfect companion. Available for only P99 a month, the bundle gives customers month-long access to apps such as Waze, GrabTaxi, Google Maps, MMDA, and AccuWeather for a hassle-free transport experience around the city.


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THE SMOOTH TALKER: If endless conversations are your thing, then you should avail of the Chat Bundle, giving you access to messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, KakaoTalk, Line, WhatsApp, and WeChat is available for only P299 a month.


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THE WORKAHOLIC: Can’t get enough of your e-mails and work files even during a vacation? Don’t fret. Get instant access to Evernote, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail with the Work Bundle, available for P299 a month. As an added bonus, you get free 10GB Globe Cloud storage that will let you back up and access your messages, contacts, presentations, and other files from any device.


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THE SHOPAHOLIC: Users into shopping and e-commerce can subscribe to the Shopping Bundle, which extends access to sites such as,, eBay, and Zalora, also for P299 a month. These subscribers also get an extra 5% off with their purchases from Zalora.


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THE SHUTTERBUG: Finally, those who love taking photos of their food, OOTDs, SOTDs, sights and spots around the metro, all the way to the most mundane images can avail of the Photo Bundle, which offers access to Instagram, Photo Repost, Photo Grid, and Instasize for only P299 a month.


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Choose the best bundle for your lifestyle with Globe. Access your favorite apps all you want, live your passions and interests, and accomplish your goals with the lifestyle bundle of your choice.

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The Lifestyle Bundles can either be in the form of plan consumables or add-on boosters. To register, text NAVIGATION 99, CHAT 299, WORK 299, SHOP 299 or PHOTO 299 to 8888.


You can also avail of month-long access to Facebook for P199 a month, Twitter for P199 a month, and Spotify Premium for P299 a month as part of a postpaid plan’s add-on boosters. Text FB 199, TWITTER 199, or SPOTIFY 299 TO 8888 to register.


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