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Photo credit: Globe Telecom|Facebook

“…midnight launch experience”


This is the day I’ve been waiting for, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus midnight launch. Those who managed to select their pickup location for their pre-ordered iPhone 6 at The Globe Tower had the chance to get their handset during the event.


My day was just normal, I prepared the necessary documents - from claim stub, application form, and gadget care form. I was already at BGC by 2PM and planned to stay in a coffee shop nearby until 6PM while doing some personal stuff on my laptop. I first checked the Globe Tower’s vicinity just to scout the area. There I saw some staff preparing the registration booth, lighting, music, and chairs. I felt the excitement and sensed that the event will be fun so I decided to secure a seat. Few minutes later, a  guy asked me where to line up. He just seated next to me but we both didn’t knew where to line up at first. We began to introduce ourselves and kept chatting. A few minutes later, two people came in and it felt like the four of us knew each other before, as we kept talking and sharing several experiences about iPhone, technology, work-related stuff, and of course Globe. Moments after, we were asked to transfer and line up on the actual area.

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The waiting period from 2:45PM to 9:30PM for registration went by fast. I didn't even notice that the line was getting longer, and most of them were standing already… glad I secured a seat! Around 7PM, I already felt nervous because I thought the event was intimate--just like a simple launch.


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But to my surprise, I saw people from the media and bloggers covering the event. Globe Executives were there as well. There was a point when I asked my seatmates, Bim and Cyan, if they wanted my seat and take my place since I went there just to get the handset. I was not comfortable with all the flashy lights, videos, and cameras focused on me.

Photo credit: Manila Bulletin|Facebook

But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I just grabbed it and stood by it. Several people were taking pictures of us in the line, people from the media interviewed me, asked my name, twitter handle, and was asked to give a short introduction of myself. I was also given the chance to shake hands with Globe Executives, and with Globe Community moderator PauloS.

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The crowd went wild when the registration was announced. Everyone was full of energy and was really excited. There were 5 registration booths, it was a smooth transaction, all eyes were on us, I settled in one of the colourful LED cube seats in the aisle, with a sticker number one (#1) on one side. Waited there for a while, finger foods were coming in, drinks, music, and the entire area was lively and everyone was having fun, the atmosphere was like a party. Globe employees approached us and offered several Globe products and services, from GCash, GServices, to Globe Community. As early as 10PM, I got several freebies, from notebooks to tumblers and a voucher with FREE Lab C accessories courtesy of Globe. Another Globe employee approached and ushered me to the media section for another set of interviews. The people from the media lined up while I was nervously waiting on the side. One interview after another, I still managed to wear a smile for the entire time. There was even an interview were I was with Peter Bithos (Chief Operating Advisor).                              Photo credit: Globe Telecom|Facebook

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Went back to my cube seat, I was trying to feel the entire experience and let my nervousness subside. Seated for a while and talked to several people at the event to help me feel at ease.


Then 5 minutes before Midnight, Globe Executives gathered in front of the media by the registration booth, they offered a toast, and I was invited to have a group picture with them.

“The countdown begins.”

It was like a New Year’s Eve countdown, the crowd counted along and cheered... 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… this is it!!! The midnight launch of Globe iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


We were escorted one by one to the Globe Store, while the media was covering every step of the way. I seated on the counter, had my application checked, then the agent took out my iPhone 6 Plus unit… woahh!!! I felt the urge to grab the phone and take it home in that instant, but I needed to control myself.


Untitled05 copy.jpgEvery single person in the store was excited to have a glimpse of the handset and was all prepped up with their cameras to take that shot during the unboxing. Globe Executives and employees also posed for pics during the unboxing. Finally the iPhone 6 Plus was handed to me, that was the moment every

one was waiting for, cameras started clicking while I was examining the handset, everything in it is perfect. It was a captured moment and I am in awe holding the iPhone 6 Plus.

After posing with the new iPhone 6 Plus, we were ushered to the accessories section. I claimed my Lab C free case, there were also several booths from participating stores offering discounts. GCash handed us a FREE 100 GCash load, FREE movie pass from GMovies, and more.

“To sum it up…”

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                                                      The First 3 Globe iPhone 6 Owners. From Left to Right: Cyan, Peter, Bim, Me

                                                                                                     Photo credit: Globe Telecom|Facebook


The entire experience was surreal and until now I still can’t believe I was part of the event. Truly Globe offers the best experience to their customers. Being the First Globe Postpaid iPhone 6 Owner in the Philippines is something to be treasured.


How about you Globe Community? Did you get your hands on the Globe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? Share your experience in the comment section below.