I’m pretty sure a number of you guys are already getting suggestions to switch to paperless billing. Personally, I believe it’s a great idea to do so. As a Globe Postpaid subscriber for almost 3 years now, it somehow feels more convenient to receive your bills online than waiting for it to be delivered. During the first two years of my Postpaid subscription, I opted to receive my bill by having it mailed to my home address. To be honest, it felt like I do not have control over the exact date when I was going to receive it – and sometimes I receive mine a few days after my cut-off period. Save yourself from the hassle and here are some of the reasons why I said YES to paperless!


1. Receive your bills sooner


After 2 years of being a Postpaid subscriber, I have decided to switch to paperless and I tell you… my monthly bill is always emailed to me faster than when I was not yet enrolled to paperless! With paperless billing, you can just easily download your monthly bills and save it to your computer.



2. Eliminate paper clutter


If you’re the OC type of person, switching to paperless is the best decision you can make. You don’t have to worry of arranging the pile of paper bills that accumulate monthly.



3. Save the trees!


To be really honest, this is a big factor why I switched to Paperless. Aside from the convenience of getting your bills sooner, you also get to contribute in helping mother nature. Less paper, less trees being cut down. 



4. You get a chance to win an all-expense paid trip for two!


Yup, you read that right! Journey into the magical world of Mickey Mouse and friends at Hong Kong Disneyland where dreams come true. Or, feel the thrill as you experience your favorite Hollywood movies come to life at Universal Studios Singapore. Your dream vacation is on us! By enrolling in Paperless Billing, you might just be one of the winners of a FREE trip for two (2) to Hong Kong Disneyland or Universal Studios Singapore.


So, are you convinced to say YES to Paperless? If you are, just click here to enroll: Paperless Billing Registration - Globe Telecom


For more information about the promo, click here: Say YES to Paperless!