The newest Samsung GALAXY Note 4 has been launched and gadget lovers all over the globe have been highly anticipating to experience what the powerhouse phablet has to offer. Based on reports, the display, cameras, and the processor were upgraded, and other features and core applications were enhanced. I have already been accustomed to a smaller display and I initially thought that using a huge phone would require a bit of adjusting on my part because of a new operating system and new features. Nevertheless, I was still very much excited to tinker with the device.

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The Note 4 is quite thin and can be held with one hand despite its width. I don’t really trust my grip so I would rather hold it with two or leave it resting on the surface of a table. One may feel awkward holding it up near the face during a call but there are a number of compatible headsets available. The home, capacitive touch, volume and power buttons are all accessible but I find them too sensitive at times. The Front Camera is found on the slightly disorienting upper right corner while the protruding Rear Camera is aligned at the center. Its aluminum frame is smooth on the touch. The back cover is plastic but is designed to complement the premium look and feel of the Note 4.

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The 515PPI 5.7” Quad HD Super AMOLED display makes sense for viewing websites, media content, and day-to-day note-taking. The colors are vibrant, and details of photos and videos are sharp. Blocks of text are easy to read. I like how one can eliminate clutter in home screens and arrange the layout of icons and widgets to showcase a nice background wallpaper.

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With a big screen and the New Multi Window feature, I am able to work on two things at the same time. Opening apps in Pop-up windows and collapsing them to Mini icons seemed unnecessary at first (because of widgets) but they would come in handy if you a have set of mostly used apps (like Calculator) that need opening in an instant. I was able to open a number of Pop-up windows, but I realized that opening too many would slow down its performance and would lead to messy screen. I also found a new appreciation for the Move Content function as this allows me to make two supported apps (like Photos and S Note) interact seamlessly by a simple drag from one app window to another. Not all apps support these features though, so hopefully developers will find a way to increase functionality and collaboration in the near future.

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Mobile phones, phablets, and tablets have made it easier for people to take photos on the go without having the need to whip out a digital camera. Indeed, Samsung wants its users to take more photos and videos using the upgraded cameras (the Front Camera at 3.7MP and the Rear Camera at 18MP).

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Selfie addicts should also rejoice. Samsung is taking part in the selfie trend by adding camera modes such as Auto Selfie, Wide Selfie, and Rear-cam Selfie to the Note 4. It’s not all about work and notes as the device even gives tutorials on how to have fun with selfies.

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Notice how different a photo can look under Wide Selfie mode compared to a normal Front Camera snapshot. Truly, the Note 4 can capture more subjects with the help of Wide Selfie mode.

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What makes the Samsung GALAXY Note a Note is the S Pen. This special stylus unlocks functions that brings note-taking to a different level.

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The S Pen and the S Note app complement each other. I can readily fill in a page of handwritten notes and doodles on the Note 4, change from one color or writing instrument to another without having the need to bring a bulky pencil case. The screen may be big but the view is still limited. However, one might miss the tangible feel of writing instruments and notebooks, as well as the convenience of seeing two pages of notes at once.


Smart Select is one of the biggest features that come with the S Pen. In my current phone, when there’s text on a website that I cannot copy and paste, I just take a screenshot. But with Smart Select, I can already extract the text I need for easier copying and pasting. What’s even better is that the collected content is stored in the Scrapbook app, appropriately separated from screenshots and photos taken by the camera. Smart Select this, Smart Select that, and turn them into a scrapbook later on.

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There are times when note-taking can be a challenge. As such, the Note 4 incorporated the Photo Note feature into the S Note app. This feature helps you convert notes from your notebook or pad paper, and lectures on whiteboards or chalkboards into digital format. I tried it out with a mathematical expression below. As a result, the √ (square root) symbol, the 16, and the 2 are not recognized as editable alphanumeric characters. They are simply converted to editable objects. Nevertheless, Photo Note decreases the need to rewrite what the lecturer has already written on a whiteboard. This would come in handy in a classroom setting, during a meeting, and even at a convention.

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The Samsung GALAXY Note 4 is not meant to replace the trusty pen and notebook. In the end, both the Note 4 and conventional note-taking instruments have their own pros and cons. We ultimately decide which tools we want to use, when we want to use them, and how we want to preserve our notes.


Constant data connection is my main concern and mobile devices can only handle a limited number of usable hours. Furthermore, because the Note 4 is packed with various features that one would want to use throughout a productive day, battery life can be problematic. Samsung’s solution is a 9V charger that would recharge the 3220 mAh battery at a faster rate. Consequently, we get more work done whether online or offline. We even get an animated “screensaver” when charging.

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I spent only about a week with the Samsung GALAXY Note 4, and I appreciated it not just for its note-taking capabilities. It is a noteworthy device that is packed with diverse applications plus accessories that can make us more effective, more efficient with our tasks and also help us capture enjoyable moments with our family and loved ones. The enhanced look, enhanced specifications, enhanced features—all these contribute to a productive yet fun user experience.

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