In my previous post, I listed down six products that stood out during the first and second day of CES 2015.


Tonight, as I recap day 3, I won’t be covering any high-end smartphones and ultra-high-definition television sets. Let’s talk about something less flashy, and some would say more fascinating. Like breathing chairs. And high-tech pacifiers.



A Super Secure Credit Card


This might be the beginning of the end of credit card fraud. On day 3 of CES, MasterCard revealed their “Hidden” credit card. It’s so secure that it asks you to enter a code to unlock it.


And since this tech hides your details (that’s why it’s named Hidden), you have to key in the correct code for you to see your card number, magnetic stripe, EMV chip, and contactless chip. How smart is that? When you’re done using the card, the number, the stripe, and the chips will all be hidden again!


CreditCardCES-3-the-street.jpg(Photo credits: The Street)



New Matter Mod-t 3D Printer


3D printers of different sizes invaded this year’s CES. And one of the most-loved of them all was the Mod-t 3D Printer from New Matter.


This $400 3D printer prints plastic toys in just an hour and half. Yep, that fast. It’s a plug-and-play device so you probably won’t have any problems using it. It has a built-in Wi-Fi, too, and a selectable layer resolution between 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 mm.


Video of New Matter talking about MOD-t at CES 2015 here!



(Photo credits: The Street)



Pacif-I: A Thermometer and a Pacifier in one!


There are only a few things weirder, smarter, and in a way more practical than a pacifier that can measure a baby’s body temperature. The BlueMaestro’s Pacif-I is so smart that not only does it act as a thermometer; it also passes the data to a parent’s phone using Apple's (AAPL) iOS or Google's (GOOGL) Android app.


More cool facts about Pacif-I here! Oh, before I forget, this product is already available for pre-order. So parents, you know what to do!



(Photo credits: The Street)



The “Breathing Chair”


I bring you another strange product: the 02Chair from Innovzen!


This “Breathing Chair” uses the slogan “remember to breathe” - which is exactly what it does. Weird? Yep, but not “bad” weird, because this intelligent chair helps you focus on your breathing with its five-minute course. Hence if you’re having problems with your breathing, or if you just want to relax, this is the perfect machine for you.



(Photo credits: The Street)


Highlights from the last day of CES 2015 when I return! Happy weekend, guys!