It’s a wrap for CES 2015!


So many must-have gadgets and ground-breaking devices were revealed during the 4-day event, and I believe I’ve covered some of the bests in my previous CES posts. Just in case you missed them:


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And now, for the last day of the big tech show, I’m bringing you three fun devices that caught the attention of most attendees.



The Go


On the last day of CES 2015, ImmersiON-VRelia revealed their answer to Samsung's Gear VR headset.


The premiere innovator’s latest creation, The Go, is a virtual reality headset, but way better than Samsung’s baby, as it’s compatible with almost all Android and iOS smartphones. You can watch videos on it, and play games using the Viaplay Gamepad. It can also hold big phones, and can be dropped on the floor without being damaged. Almost too good for a price of only $125, eh?


Check out The Go’s demo below:


ces-2015-immersion-vrelia-can-turn-any-smartphone-into-vr-headset.w654.jpg(Photo credit:



CES has something for animal lovers, too!


On day 4, an intelligent device perfect for doggie owners was unveiled. It’s called Fitbark! This device may be tiny, approximately the size of a dog tag, but when attached to your pet’s collar then paired to your smartphone, you can have the power to monitor and understand your furry friend’s everyday activities, health, behavior, and movements!


More cool facts about Fitbark and pre-order details here!


fitbark-activty-tracker-640x426-c.png (Photo credits:


The LoveHandle


Never drop your mobile phone or tablet again! Thanks to LoveHandle, which was also introduced during the last day of CES.


For only $5-10, this universal elastic grip can be attached to the back of your loved devices so you can easily hold them up with just a few fingers. Check out their website for a demo!



(Photo credit:


So, that’s it for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.


Thanks to everyone who tuned in with me! I hope you had fun reading my top gadget picks from the event. Really excited to see what's in store for us next year!