With millions of works on Wattpad, it’s pretty much a huge challenge to be in the list of the most-read stories, or what you call the “hot list”. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for you and your stories to be recognized.


Actually, even if you’re just starting out as a Wattpad author, your story can get thousands of reads in just a couple of days. No magic or paid techniques behind this. For me, you just have to make your writing professional, your plot relatable (but not too cliché), and your storytelling flawless.


For you, aspiring Filipino Wattpad author, here are some tips that might help you with your writing so your story can land on the hot list.



1. Write professionally.


Whether you’re writing romance or comedy, write it seriously. Never use “Haha!”, “LOL”, and most importantly, don’t use emoticons. Yep, most authors on Wattpad have a habit of using emoticons. But I’m telling you, that doesn’t make you a good story teller. Describe your setting and your characters’ feelings through words.


Also, when I say “write professionally”, I mean check your grammar as well. Wattpad authors writing in Tagalog must know the difference between “din” and “rin”, and when to use “ng” and “nang”. Review your Tagalog language.



2. Don’t edit while writing your first draft.


Aside from the fact that it will slow down your writing, editing while drafting will greatly affect the creativity and emotions present in your chapter. Just let your creative juices flow. Write anything you want in your initial draft.


Once done, rest. After a couple of days, open your laptop and that’s when you edit.



3. Avoid clichéd plots


Basically, the heading says it all. Write stories with catchy, interesting plots. Create something new that will keep the readers interested.


And don’t ever borrow stories or ideas from others. Make your imagination work! Think of effective scenes and lines. You can based your scenes from your own experiences, or from your friends’. Tell stories that only you can tell.



4. Narrate your story properly.


Readers love it when a story is well told. So that’s what you should do! Narrate properly. Tell a story. Describe everything, from the scent of the shampoo your character is using, to the little details about your leading man’s leather shoes. That way, your readers can easily picture the look of your characters, and your scenes.



So, that’s it!


Remember, there’s no magic behind those million reads and “hit” stories – everything is just about you, your imagination, and your writing skills (undiscovered or otherwise).


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Keep writing!