Let’s admit it, sitting at your work desk for 8 hours (sometimes, even more) can be very stressful. Especially when your work station is cluttered, your phone chargers and cables are mixed up, and your body is starting to bog down due to tiredness.


In light of this, I’m giving you a few hacks that might lighten up your workplace, and maybe your workday.



1. Turn a binder clip into a stand for your phone! Be sure to place it close to you so you can also use your handset’s timer to remind you to take short breaks and give your eyes some rest from the screen.    



2. You know, binder clips are super useful when it comes to DIY office hacks. Aside from turning them into phone stands, you can also use them to hang up your office headphones…


3. …or hold and organize your phone chargers, earphones and other cables. Simply clip your binder clips to the side of your work desk (or anywhere), and ta-da!

2.jpg                                                                                (http://www.lifehack.org/)

4. You can also thread your cables through the metal part of the binder clip to keep your cables tangle-free.


5. Another way to keep your cords tidy is by putting them in cardboard tubes. If you want, you can even put labels on each tube to make them more organized!


6. Hang up your tablet with the help of adhesive hooks and what do you get? A tiny TV screen where you can watch short videos during break time, or listen to your favorite Spotify playlists! Make life at work less boring, dude!




7. Glue 5 mason jars together for a cleaner, more organized work station.





8. Lift up your mood with Spotify!


Whether you want to listen to that coffeehouse-type of music to relax your brain, pop songs to spruce up your sleepy afternoon, or some indie songs to boost your concentration, Spotify has your back! It has over 25 million songs and thousands of covers that you can stream! And if none of the playlists quite fit your mood, you can also create your own playlists!



9. Eating snacks while working is an acceptable way to de-stress yourself. But I’m pretty sure you don’t want to mess up your desk. In times like this, being resourceful goes a long way. For instance, why not turn your no longer used mug into a burrito holder? Or use a tray when eating snacks to prevent crumbs from getting all over your work station?





Got some office hacks you want to share with other Globe Community members? Go ahead and post them below!