My beloved country always fascinates me. Like the videos featured in this article, they showcased the glorious beauty of the Philippines. From BGC and Bohol, to Boracay and Ilocos - all but lively colors, beaches, landscape and sceneries that will entice you to grab your bag and start traveling.


First Pinoy Astronaut Chino Roque, and travel photographer Hannah Reyes took us to a different way of creating a wonderful world through the lens of iPhone 6 using the time-lapse and slo-mo camera features.


Chino Roque travelled several places in the Philippines with his companion, the iPhone 6, to capture every details of his tour. He created a time-lapse video, highlighting the several tourist destinations like Vigan, Bangui windmills in Ilocos Norte, Boracay, and Bohol. He gave us a glimpse of BGC and Binondo Chinatown, too. And oh wait, he also wanted us to dine and try local food and street foods found in those spots.


Play the video and be captivated. For sure it will make you smile.


#ThatWonderfulMoment in the Philippines: Chino Roque - YouTube


Ever wonder of capturing your world in a slo-mo?


Photographer Hannah Reyes shared us her #ThatWonderfulMoment in the Philippines through a slo-mo manner. Very creative, isn't it?


The slo-mo feature added drama, and it felt like she’s taking us to dreamland. With the iPhone 6 as her main shooter, she toured us by crossing the Bohol Bamboo Bridge, walking along the Bell Tower Bantay of Ilocos, and ending up running at the beach during sunset in the Island of Boracay.


Jump shot anyone? Take it to the next level like what Hannah did - stitching her slo-mo jump shots from different parts of the country. Be mesmerized with the Philippines finest destinations! Play the video below:


#ThatWonderfulMoment in the Philippines: Hannah Reyes - YouTube


……move over DSLR…Point and Shoot Digicam.

Gone are the days when there’s the need to bring a DSLR, a point and shoot digital camera, or a dedicated video cam to snap and capture that wonderful moment. Those are now the #throwbackthursday of our lives!


Let’s now give way to Apple’s iPhone 6 camera. It’s more fun to capture your stories with a technology that has been in the industry for several years but it is just now that we have access to it through a smartphone without the need to download separate time-lapse and slo-mo effects.


They are remarkable features and fun to play with just a few simple steps. Let’s create a wonderful world through time-lapse and slo-mo camera features of the iPhone 6!


How about you Globe Community members? Have you travelled recently with your iPhone 6 as prime shooter? Hit the comment box below, or share a link of your #ThatWonderfulMoment video!


Fill your World with Wonder!