Hi, Globe Community!


I've always wanted to share some fun tips for aspiring photographers here. You can use these tips regardless of what equipment you use to take your photos, and although I'm no expert in the matter, I hope that these quick and simple guidelines will help the overall quality of your photos.


Today's lesson will be about composition.


1. Rule of thirds

You know the grid that you see on your phone's camera screen? Well, the human eye is naturally drawn to these four points. It's actually quite useful when deciding where your subject placements will be. The grid separates images into nine sectors, and the points at which these sectors meet are ideal placements for your subject.


2. Keep your horizon straight

A photo achieves a more life-like depth if the horizon is kept in check. A straight horizon tend to be more pleasing to the eyes.


Photo by LifeInLofi

3. Find the light


Make sure that the lighting you choose is complementary to what you want to convey in your photo. Your subject must be well-lit. This tip applies more to everyday naturally lit photos.


Photo by louiegraphy | Model talent: Abby

4. Crop and stop


Avoid cropping a person's body at certain points; at the knees, elbows, ankles, wrists, fingers... you get the picture.


Photo by louiegraphy | Model talent: Abby

5. Shoot what inspires you


Pick subjects that are captivating and expressive as these qualities translates well onto photos.


Photo by louiegraphy

There you have it, folks! Hope you found these tips helpful. If you've got some tips of your own to share, please tell me about them in the comments section below.