“May the odds be ever in your favor” – The Hunger Games


Yes indeed the odds were on our favor. As easy as 1-2-3, Globe Community members were given the chance to be part of the first ever #GlobeCommunityCine917 block screening for FREE!

Cine917 1.PNG

Globe reached out to its millions of customers through an online service, Globe Community. This serves as a catalyst and venue for collaboration and discussion about Globe’s products, services, handset troubleshooting, hobbies, innovative ideas, and anything under the sun that their customers would love to share.

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Globe Community, a First in the Philippines!

The Community was even early on a success, reaching 10,000 members in a matter of 6 months and tagged as the hottest community in town. As a way of Globe saying thank you to the members, FREE tickets to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 block screening were given away to the most active members (also known as “Superfans”). Helping fellow members has never been this rewarding!


Several tickets also were given to lucky members.


My FREE VIP tickets

A Night to Remember

A festive atmosphere awaited the members. As early as 9PM the Greenbelt 3 Cinema lobby was already crowded. The team behind the Globe Community was there to greet and entertain us. Globe Community moderators, bloggers, celebrities, and members of the community were all having a great time. Everyone was making their presence worthwhile, wasting no time by introducing ourselves to fellow members. It was surprisingly fun to meet the members behind the usernames and avatars. It was like a red carpet event, guests and members were treated like celebrities: camera flash here, pose there, group-fies everywhere. Overflowing drinks and finger foods were also served.



Globe Community's First Cine917

A Few More Surprises


After eating and some elbow-rubbing, members were ushered into the cinema. Everyone received a Globe Eco Bag with tokens inside. When all were settled, Globe’s Senior Advisor for Consumer Business Dan Horan gave a short message encouraging everyone to continue providing honest feedback and endless support to Globe Community, as well as Globe’s products, services, community and future plans, all of which will help provide true customer satisfaction.

Cine917 3.PNG

GlennO one of the Globe Community moderators had another announcement: the Globe Community app is now available at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store!


The block screening was a success!


What a Wonderful Experience! Where you at the event, Community members? What did you think was the highlight of the evening? Share your stories below!