No matter how much you prepare for Valentine’s Day, I’m sure there will still be unexpected happenings that might ruin your mood (or maybe even your day). Maybe you’ll bump into your ex-lover while strolling in the mall, or you’ll have a hard time finding the perfect place to dine, or your V-day date will be late. Whatever the incident is, you can either sulk and whine, or fire off a few choice words.


And there’s no better source than Tagalog movies.



When you see someone staring at your date:



When your husband bumps into his secretary and starts talking to her like you don’t exist:




When your date says “I LOVE YOU” to you:



When you can’t find a good restaurant:


When you FINALLY found a restaurant:




When you plan a date with your best friend then you discovered he invited someone else:




When the person you dislike the most asks you out for coffee:




When your date didn’t give you that bouquet of flowers you were expecting:





Have fun this Valentine’s Day everyone!