Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Rise and shine ‘coz today is the day you’ve been preparing for! Pick up that bouquet of flowers you’ve ordered a few weeks ago, get your newly bought outfit ready, and wrap that special gift you have made for your date.


Oh, wait, what? You’ve still got no Valentine’s Day plans for your special someone? Dude, there’s no more time! Unfortunately, the fanciest restaurants have been fully booked since last week, and even if you start crafting your date a special gift, you won’t make it in time.


But hey, don’t worry, okay? There are still A LOT of romantic things you can do today. I actually got you here some last-minute ideas that might save your V-day. You’re welcome!


1. Watch the sunset


Photography by Marielle Penafiel


I believe nothing is more romantic than watching sunsets with the one person you love the most.


You just have to pick a good spot – it can be a hill, your house’s balcony, or a building’s rooftop. Prepare comfy chairs for the two of you, some refreshments and snacks, and some good stories, too.



2. Go trekking and backpacking


unnamed.jpgPhoto credits: Marielle Penafiel, Marione Garcia, Samric Mante


Who says mountain trekking needs over planning?


If you and your partner are the adventurous types, or you just want to try something new and thrilling, hiking is the perfect date idea. Nope, there’s no need to do bookings or reservations. Just go straight there with your comfy clothes and sleeping bags.


3. Spend the night under the stars


Photography by Marielle Penafiel


Don’t you just love cuddling with your special someone in a blanket, with a bonfire nearby, and under the bright moon and a bed of twinkling stars?


This is probably one of the sweetest, most romantic ways to spend your Valentine’s night. And hey, this won’t cost you a lot! There’s no need to drive to far places. You can do this in your own backyard, or at a nearby park. You can also bring your laptop with you so you and your date can watch romantic movies together.



4. Go on a picnic


Photography by Marielle Penafiel


Hey, it’s not too late to prepare those sandwiches, chips, and some sodas. Bring your special someone to a beautiful park for a picnic! You can also bring board games, cards, or you can simply write a quick love letter before leaving the house and then read it to him or her during the picnic. Sweet!



5. Spend the day at a museum or art gallery


Photo credits: Marielle Penafiel


Amusements parks and malls are too mainstream and “date-y”. Try going to a place less crowded, like a museum or an art fair. 



The romantic date ideas I shared above are so affordable (yet don’t look cheap) and can be done last minute. Remember, however you choose to spend this day, Globe Community hopes it’s loaded with pure love and sweetness!


Happy Hearts Day!