Just a few more hours and it’s Valentine's Day! Everybody excited? I know some of you are, especially those who are madly in love with their special someone. I also know that for some, for whatever reason (from heartbreak to plain bitterness) Valentine’s Day is as pleasant as a tetanus shot.


Well, regardless of how you feel towards “the day” tomorrow, just sit back, relax, and listen to music that matches your mood! Here are some Spotify playlists I handpicked to best suit your Valentines’ Day mood. To check them out, just log into your Spotify account, Click “Browse” – “Mood” – and choose the “Romance” category.


1. I’ve Got A Crush on You

To those feelings which are currently getting excited toward someone, feed them more by listening to this 4-hour feel-good playlist. Some of the songs included are Sam Smith’s “Latch”, John Mayer’s cover version of “Free Fallin’”, and Chris Brown’s “With You.” Who knows, maybe by listening to this playlist you will already have the courage to say how you feel in front of your crush! Go for it!


2. Falling in Love

Oh yes. Whether it’s your first time or your “x” number of attempt already, nothing compares to the feeling of falling in love. My personal favorite in this playlist is Jason Mraz’s “Love Someone.” You may also like listening to some Ed Sheeran songs and Justin Timberlake’s “Not A Bad Thing” in this playlist.


3. Simply Love

Sometimes, you just cannot define it. Words cannot suffice to describe what it is. It is simply… love. Just like the old cliché goes: “When words fail, music speaks.” Listen to chill and iconic love songs such as “Everything” by Michael Buble and Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are.”


4. Wedding Classics

Almost every young couple in this world daydream of this – the thought of getting married. Wouldn’t it be nice to talk about this over a candle-light dinner or maybe just by gazing at the horizon full of stars. On top of that, you can also listen to this playlist in the background. How romantic right?


5. Broken Heart

Time will mend a broken heart. Believe that. For the meantime, just listen to this playlist which includes songs of heartbreak classics. Find yourself singing along with A Great Big World’s “Say Something” or Adele’s “Someone Like You.”


6. Bittersweet Love

Personally, I think this is the hardest situation to be in. You actually don’t know how to feel – whether positive or not, happy or sad. If you’re currently stuck in a relationship which you know is not working out, or maybe you found out that someone you really love is now married, nurse yourself by listening to this playlist with songs such as “Fix You” by Coldplay.


7. Anti-Valentines’ Day

Okay, I get it. You are not just looking forward to Valentines’ Day, you just hate the thought of it. So with that, put on your earphones and shut the world out on February 14 as you listen to songs like Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You.” Oh yes, #SMH. Hah.


Have you found the perfect Valentines’ Day playlist? If not, just easily create your own in Spotify playlist and SHARE it in the comments section below. Here’s a sneak peak of my own Valentine's Day playlist – not heartbroken, or falling in love… just feeling sentimental. *wink wink*