I believe that happiness and laughter are the keys to a healthy, lasting relationship.


So this coming Valentine’s day, skip the typical gifts, okay? Give something that will not only impress, but will also tickle the funny bone of your Valentine.


Check out my 7 quirky gift ideas below:


1. For girls, this black drinking helmet soda hat that your guy may want to wear on one of your parties. It’s so cool it features 2 cradles on each side for his favorite canned beer or soda, and a drinking straw.

Quirky Valentines 1.PNG

Image source: www.amazon.com


More about this product here.


2. This huggable arm pillow because you know your special someone hate lonely nights. Not clingy, just being sweet!

Quirky Valentines 2.PNG

Image source: www.amazon.com


Check out this item here!


3. This giant scrabble game for your true geek lover.

Quirky Valentines 3.PNG

Image source: http://www.dose.com/


Find it here!


4. This weighing scale that never lies for your figure-conscious girl. So you’re like giving her a compliment every time she steps on it. Sweet!

Quirky Valentines 4.PNG

Image source: www.voluptuart.com


Go here for more cheesy details!


5. This Power Rangers helmet to somehow fulfill your loved one’s childhood dream of becoming a super hero.

Quirky Valentines 5.PNG

Image source: www.etsy.com


More about this awesome helmet when you click here!


6. Some cheesy Valentine’s cards just like this one.

Quirky Valentines 6.PNG

Image source: www.etsy.com


See more card designs here!


7. This peeking baby maternity shirt for your soon-to-be-mother wife.

Quirky Valentines 7.PNG

Image source: www.etsy.com


Check out this shirt here!


Make the love of your life laugh this February 14! If you’ve got some quirky gift ideas, too, share them below! I’m pretty sure your fellow Globe Community members would love them!