All of us have that certain thing that we love doing the most. Dancing? Painting? Taking photos? Whatever that is, I believe it is worth sharing, not only to express what you love, but also to inspire other people and remind them to keep doing what they love.


Just like in this article, I have featured two awesomely made videos where food blogger Mylene Chung, and lifestyle blogger and surfer chic Kim Jones sharing their lifestyle with the one person close to their heart.


Mylene of told us how much she loves food photography. What happened in the two-and-a-half-minute video posted below was truly heart-warming. Mylene was with her mom, who, amusingly, doesn’t understand what she does. So, to be able to bring her mother, Mary, inside her “world”, she took her on a food trip.


One of my favorite parts in the vid was when they’re chatting with each other like nobody’s around. The conversation was very natural, not scripted. You’ll understand what I mean when you watch the video below. This will put a curve on your lips, I swear.





TV host, surfer, and lifestyle blogger, Kim Jones, also shared her wonderful world. Though in this video, she’s not with a relative. She’s with her good friend, Bea, who she brought with her for some fun surfing trip.


The video was indeed gorgeously made, with Kim hitting the big waves and telling Bea how deeply in love she is with her thing, which is surfing and lifestyle blogging. Watch the video below and you’ll be inspired.





Mylene and Kim have already shared their wonderful lifestyles. What’s yours? You can share it below, or create a separate blog telling us what you love to do. Keep the passion alive, Globe Community members!