Music is a big part of my life as an author. I have to have it especially during the crucial part of my writing process, which is editing. It relaxes me, and helps me get my head in the right place to finish that one chapter.




The songs I listen to depend on the scenes I’m writing. I have no particular music genre. When I’m writing heart-breaking or other drama-laden scenes, sad love songs or break up songs are usually the ones on my list. When writing Feel-good scenes, I mainly listen to pop, alternative, or country - John Mayer or Taylor Swift usually works.


Before, I relied on YouTube or iTunes to find songs; but now, I depend on Spotify for my music streaming. It has millions of songs to choose from. And what I like about it is that I can create my own playlist. This may sound funny, but I actually do have a Spotify playlist for each of my stories. It’s like each story has a theme song. Like for my ongoing Wattpad story, Fall Again, I created this playlist.


Music is indeed my redeemer, and where I get most of my inspiration. There’s this one instance where I was having a hard time thinking of how to write my first book’s epilogue. So what I did was open my Spotify app to stream songs first from Sam Smith and covers from Jasmine Thompson (yes, Spotify has tons of playlists of covers, too). It’s just so magical how the lines from one song can trigger thousands of feelings and emotions that help me imagine scenes.


Music has been my lifestyle ever since I started creating tales of fiction. I can’t even imagine myself writing my stories without it. How about you? What’s your lifestyle? I’d love to hear it.