I get lost all the time. ALL the time. It’s almost a talent. I’ve gotten lost in so many places, some explainable (e.g. an unfamiliar neighborhood), some inexcusable (e.g. our office floor). I don’t know why, and I’ve stopped asking. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that getting lost is an inevitable part of my life.


Some say it might be because I know next to nothing about the streets of Metro Manila. And I was born here; I grew up here. The most frustrating part is when someone from the province knows the area more than I do.


I used to say that this is the very reason why I will never ever drive. But that’s changed, though, since I found the magic of Waze and Google Maps. And for someone who absolutely loves going to places, these priceless things have made me more mobile than ever.


Google Maps was always an indispensable tool for me. Not because of the map itself; I’m useless with maps, as I can’t even tell where I am in them. What I depend on is the GPS feature. Whether you’re walking or driving, it can tell you exactly how to get to where you want to go. It’s almost like it was built for people like me.


As far as Waze is concerned, it allows me to be more flexible with the paths that I take given certain conditions, like traffic. Years back, I would have braved EDSA going from QC to Makati even if it was on a standstill, given that (to simplify things) it’s just a straight line. What Waze helps me do is navigate my way through the sidestreets (some of which I didn’t even know existed), knowing that I won’t get lost as long as I follow the purple line. The MMDA app is another great thing to have when on the lookout for standstills.


And then there’s GrabTaxi, for situations when I can’t be driven to someplace and I have to take a cab. It saves me from walking around looking for one; aside from the hassle of wandering around trying to hail a cab, I’d probably end up getting lost.


To further ensure that my trip is as pleasant (and hassle-free) as possible, there’s always AccuWeather, which tells me if it’s even a good idea to step out of the house in the first place.


Put together, these apps save me from the most horrible experience of getting lost while walking around looking for a cab in an evening of horrible EDSA traffic. While raining.


I’ve given up on improving, no, having a sense of direction. But at this point, it’s not as bad. These apps let me go where I want to go, with the least amount of hassle and anxiety. The only thing I need to worry about is how to get along without them.


But the world has way too many problems already, without me adding another one.


What about you? What’s YOUR lifestyle like?


Article COMMUNITributor (Community Contributor) by andread