Just a few weeks ago, I took this test which defines what your personality is. I had doubts at first in taking this “personality test” but when I got the result, it was pretty much accurate. If interested, just click this link: http://www.16personalities.com/.


Upon finishing the personality test, I was very eager to understand the results further. Good thing there was an available lengthy explanation for it! One of the explanations was in the aspect of “friendship” and I was really impressed because it really hit the bulls-eye to what kind of friend I am and how much I value friendships.


“You put active effort into maintaining these connections, viewing them as substantial and important, not something to let slip away through laziness or inattention.” – This was the exact explanation after I took that personality test and this is very true. I always make it a point that I have time catching up with my closest friends. I want to make them feel that I’m never too busy to spend time with them whether in person or not.


Honestly, most of the time, I don’t get to meet them that much. The usual bondings over coffee, movie dates, or even having a simple dinner happens once in a blue moon. But despite this, I still keep in touch with them. How? Well, the wonders of technology, social media, and chat apps!


Gone are the days when text messages, phone calls, and web messenger apps are the only ways friends can connect with each other. Since the launch of smartphones, numerous mobile apps have been introduced as well. Some of these are the famous chat apps – Viber, LINE, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp to name a few.

Do you also use these chat apps? And are you guilty of having multiple chat app accounts? HAHA. I am. Yup, certified chat app junkie! Heehee. Well, here’s a screenshot of the chat apps I use:


Some people ask me when they see these on my phone: “Do you really need to have an account in each of these apps? Aren’t they all the same?” Well, technically, they are. But for me, they are quite different. Being in various friend circles, I decided to be active in five chat apps. Some of my friends are more active on WhatsApp, others on LINE, most of them on Viber and Facebook Messenger, and some of them on Snapchat. It may seem like a hassle being active in all these chat apps but personally, I enjoy it!


LINE, Viber, and Facebook Messenger offer cute stickers which I always use when talking to my friends on these chat apps. Actually, we even talk in our chat group just by sending out stickers to one another. #thelifeichose LOL! Snapchat, on the other hand, is the chat app I enjoy the most. Take videos/photos of yourself and make it your status update or send it to friends. What keeps me glued to this app is the video/photo messages can only be viewed once. The moment you open these messages, they get automatically deleted the moment you open them. And with that, it keeps me from not missing my friends’ updates and messages.


How about you? What are the chat apps you use to get connected with your friends? Share your thoughts below!