I'd say Instagram introduced me to the world of art photography in early 2011. Like a lot of people who started using the app as an alternative to twitpic, I didn't have any clue what IG (Instagram) was all about back then. After browsing my way around the photo sharing app, I came across a number of instagrammers (instagram users) posting artsy photos. That's when I decided to post and put my own spin on it.


Photography is very therapeutic for me to say the least. It's not an easy job as others would think; but it's the kind of work I really enjoy doing. That's probably the reason why it never even felt like a job to me in the first place.

Instagram has definitely helped me see the world in a whole new perspective with a fresh pair of eyes. I see beauty in places where others ignore. I see something special about a particular subject while others see nothing at all. I have a new appreciation to my surroundings; always on the lookout for that perfect shot.

What's a normal day for me when I shoot? It mostly involves chasing natural light, trying different angles, and making sure to tell the real story behind the photos. Before I even proceed to my shoots, I usually visualize and compose the image in my head first. Not entirely sure if this is how other photographers would do it, but this creative process that I have just works for me at the end of the day. I really do get excited when I see the image come to reality. Wouldn't you?

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Photo by louiegraphy

Before Instagram, I wouldn't have considered myself as an avid photographer. Sometimes I wonder what if I discovered that I'm into photography early on, would things be any different now? Should I have taken photography in college instead of pursuing a degree in social sciences? Who knows, right? But things changed when I took a short course in photography right after college. Yes, I finally got myself in to photography school. I had to physically go to class so it's not an online thing (if that's what you're thinking). What I liked about attending photography school is that we were taught to use a DSLR camera (former noob...or prolly still is) and had us do hands-on exercises to test if we have 'skiilz' and what not. I have to admit, DSLR photography was quite tricky at first. Definitely heavier and complicated than using a mobile phone camera. Nonetheless, I'm glad I took those classes and graduated with a medal and everything. Of course, we were also given a certificate of completion/graduation (can't recall which one was it). For now, I use both my trusty iPhone and a DSLR cam. But if you ask me, I'd choose the iPhone over the DSLR camera any day just because it's how I started as a photographer (besides the obvious reason that I can easily shoot, edit, and share my photos anytime, anywhere with GoSURF). What photography apps do I use you asked? Well, that's an entirely different blog post. Heehee!

Photography and Instagram is not only a part of #myLifestyle, but it has become a part of who I am today. From a hobbyist photographer to a social media influencer and blogger in the making, my day wouldn't be complete without me posting, liking, and sharing my square memories to the world. With the Photo Bundle 299, you can expect seeing more of my photos on the nearest phone screen near you!


How about you Globe Community members? What's your lifestyle like?


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