I’m a sucker for cool mobile apps. That’s why despite my tight schedule, I still take time to visit the app store to check out new applications. And when I see something interesting, useful (and free to download), I immediately share it with my colleagues and friends.


Just recently, I discovered five cool mobile apps for Android and iOS that you may also want to download. Some of them are not-so-popular, some are kind of weird, but I can assure you, they’re unbelievably useful. The apps are also FREE so there’s no guilt on your part in case you got impressed with what they can do for you, and finally decided to tap the “install” button.



Drunk Dial No!



Image source: itunes.apple.com


The tendency when you’re partying too much is you call a few contacts in your phone that should NOT be called. This is most likely the case with someone suffering from a recent heartbreak.  A few too many drinks and next thing you know, they’re drunk-dialing the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.  It’s the effect of an emotional whirlwind coupled with a decreased sense of judgment. Thank goodness there’s Drunk Dialer No. With this free app for iOS users, you can hide as many phone numbers or email addresses as you need for between 1 and 48 hours, keeping them safely out of your reach, while keeping your dignity intact.


And with its new feature, you can now save a set of phone numbers into a group and name it any way you want. You can also send yourself a message up to 7 hours into the future so you can warn yourself against making a shameless mistake on a Friday night. No more worries now, just pure fun!


Download here for iOS.



Carrr Matey



Image source: play.google.com


This is a cool app for all you travelers out there. In case you’re in a familiar place (a campsite, a forest, or a stadium), and you forgot where you parked your car, Carrr Matey can help you locate where it is! All you have to do is log your park location before you leave the car so you can backtrack it at a later time.


What makes this cooler than other similar apps is that it’s pirate-themed! You act as the captain, your vehicle is the ship, and you find your way back with the help of a pirate voice, some map directions, and a magical compass!


Download the free app here for iOS, and here for Android.



Run Pee



Image source: play.google.com


One of my biggest dilemmas is that I’m both a film buff, and someone who seems to need to pee in the middle of a movie. If you’re like me, then I suggest you download the Run Pee app, too!


This app for Android and iOS is super useful: when you reach the point of the movie during which it’s safest to take a bathroom break, your phone will vibrate. Follow this, so you won’t miss important scenes. The app features a running timer, too, that you start when the movie begins. That’s how it tells you when the good time to step out is, and it also lets you know if there are extra scenes after the end credits. This is just incredibly cool!



Fake Conversation


fake convo.png

Image source: itunes.apple.com


Let’s admit it, there are situations that feel so awkward and uncomfortable we’d rather just get up and leave. Good thing there’s a mobile app that lets you receive fake phone calls, giving you a smooth, excusable way to exit.


I know, I know, there are a lot of fake conversation apps out there. But this one is way different (and much cooler)! It has a huge library of conversations and lets you play pre-recorded audio. You just have to answer the call, listen to it, and repeat it. Yep, the app will tell you what to say.


Download here for iOS.



I Can’t Wake Up!


i cant wake up.png

Image source: play.google.com


The struggle to get up in time every morning is FINALLY over. When I discovered the I Can’t Wake Up!, I knew that whether I liked it or not, I would find myself out of bed and on my feet when I’m supposed to.


At first sight, it may look like your typical mobile alarm clock, but wait ‘til you hit the snooze button. It makes you solve math problems, play matching games, set tiles in correct order, repeat a randomly generated click series, retype lines of text, solve a world capitals quiz, or even shake your phone. One after the other, if needed. And you know what’s more interesting about this app? It even sets up a barcode somewhere in your house. And when the alarm rings, you have to get out of bed, and make your way to the barcode to scan it with your phone.


And if you think the alarm will finally shut off after you’ve solved all the tasks – NO, NO, and another NO. The app will ring again to make sure you’re already awake. Sorry dude, the times of simply hitting the snooze alarm have come to an end.


Download here for Android.



And there you go, my five awesome mobile apps that you can actually download for free! These are not just some wacky apps that take up most of your memory space, okay? These apps are truly useful! So go visit your app store because it’s downloading time, baby!


If you think I missed something, don’t hesitate to share it to me via the comments section below so I can download it, too.