Globe gathered the media last February 17, 2015 at The Globe Tower, to officially launch the all New Globe Postpaid Plan, the myLifestyle Plan. The event was spearheaded by myLifestyle Plan brand ambassadors.


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myLifestyle Plan brand ambassadors

Left to Right: DJ Suzy, Mary and Mylene Chung, Kim Jones, and LA Aguinaldo


Kim Jones served as the host of the event. She shared her favorite smartphone applications; like Facebook, Viber, Instagram, and Twitter. Clearly she loves social networking apps like many of us nowadays.


LA Aguinaldo is known for being a top male fashion model. He is also a frequent traveler himself. You can check out #TheLATravels hashtag on Instagram to see for yourself. During the event, he shared his recent trip to Las Vegas. Snapchat is his choice of social networking app when it comes to sharing his travel tales.


DJ Suzy of Magic 89.9 loves streaming music using Spotify. She creates her own playlists and interacts with her followers using the app. She also revealed her love for Hip-Hop songs. Can I hear a "waddup dawg?"


Mylene Chung uses VSCO Cam to edit her photos for her food blog. During the launch, she narrates how she introduced the other functions of a smartphone aside from its main purpose of call and text to her mom, Mary. Now Mary loves to use Skype to connect with her son in Canada. She also uses the MMDA and Waze apps for traffic information and navigation routes.


The ambassadors may come from different backgrounds but they sure are the same when it comes to connecting to their followers and loved ones. That’s the reason how Globe designed the new myLifestyle Plan. Different strokes for different folks. With Globe’s New myLifestyle Plan, no matter what your world is made of, there is a plan that's designed for you!


Step 1: Everyone will start at 499. A Plan 499 card was used during the entire simulation.

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Step 2: Design your Surfing needs. We were asked how much time we spend when it comes to Twitter, Facebook, video streaming, the number of webpages we visit, and emails. Then the simulation will tell us the approximate MegaByte usage and YES, there is a Plan for our surfing needs, the Surfing Packs. It starts at GoSurf 99 to 2499, with 100MB to 15GB data allocation respectively.

                      2015-02-17 18.55.49.jpg2015-02-17 18.57.44.jpg

Step 3: Choose Your Lifestyle Packs. Enjoy an all-day access to your favorite applications and sites. Lifestyle Packs composed of Chat Bundle, Explore Bundle, Navigation Bundle, Photo Bundle, Shopping Bundle, Work Bundle, 1 Chat App, Spotify, Facebook, and Twitter. Remember that Lifestyle Bundle Packs will not use your GoSurf data allocation.

2015-02-17 18.58.58.jpg

Globe Communty members notevenfollowed and WILLfindways choosing their lifestyle packs.

2015-02-17 19.10.59.jpg2015-02-17 19.14.52-2.jpg

Shopping Bundle and Explore Bundle Booths


Step 4: Adding Classic Packs for calls and texts to other networks, landline and even abroad is another cool option.


After choosing Surf Packs + Lifestyle Packs + Classic Packs, the simulation will suggest what kind of Plan you need to avail. Mine was Plan 2499 and you can even avail and redeem your Plan at the venue. There are FREE to a minimum cashout for handsets of your choice. The higher the Plan, the better the handset.


2015-02-17 19.41.19.jpg

Building your plan according to your needs and lifestyle has never been this easy and fun. Globe community members who graced the event had a great time choosing their plan and discussing what will best suit their day to day digital lifestyle. Shout-out to ChitoReyes, notevenfollowed, WILLfindways, and Community Manager paulos.


Globe's New myLifestyle Plan is made for the way you live...



Globe myLifestyle Plan made for the way you live - YouTube

Hey there Globe Community members, are you now enjoying your own world with the New myLifestlye Plan? Hit the comment section below and share your Surf and Lifestyle Promo packs!