There are certain films that we just can’t easily forget. Especially if the story left a mark on our hearts, taught and inspired us, and provoked us emotionally.


Whenever asked what film has touched me more than any other, I always (and quickly) answer “Ruby Sparks”.


I’m not sure if all of you are familiar with this independent Hollywood movie since wasn’t largely promoted here in the Philippines. I just saw its trailer somewhere and its plot caught my interest. By reading the movie’s tagline, “She’s out of his mind”, you can probably tell what the story is all about. The lead character in the movie, Calvin Weir-Fields, is a young book author whose fictional character, Ruby Sparks, comes to life.


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What I love about this movie, aside from its interesting plot, are the way the characters are written and portrayed. They have these qualities to which I can relate.


Aside from Ruby Sparks, I also have other favorite films (listed by genre), that I want to share with you:



My Best Romance Movies


A Walk to Remember


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I have seen a lot of movies with the same plot, but for me, A Walk to Remember is still the best.


The plot may be cliché – bad boy meets good girl who’s suffering from an illness - but the scenes in this film are so heartbreaking you’ll just find yourself crying silently while watching. Honestly, I can no longer remember how many times I’ve watched this film, but all I know is that whenever I hear the names “Landon Carter” and Jamie Sullivan”, I still feel shivers down my spine. The best romantic drama ever.



That Thing Called Tadhana



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Not fond of watching Pinoy romance movies, but this one I recommend the most.


The reason why I super love this film, aside from the fact that it’s indie (Indie films fan here), is that JM De Guzman (Anthony) and Angelica Panganiban’s (Mace) acting are so natural. You can really relate to their feelings even if you’re not broken-hearted. That’s how effective the film is.



My Best Suspense/Horror Movies


World War Z


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The truth is, I’m not a fan of zombie-themed movies, but World War Z is just so awesome it made my list. While watching it, you will literally stop munching on that popcorn. Nope, it’s not because it’s too gross, it’s just that the scenes are so breathtaking and heart-pounding you wouldn’t want to miss a single thing!


The Marc Forster film is indeed effective, too, because until now, most of the scenes are still alive in my head. Especially the zombies’ attack in Jerusalem. Geez, that was amazing!





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Another Pinoy film. Sundo is somehow similar to Final Destination, the only big difference is that the Topel Lee film has this awesome plot that will make you wonder “what if this happens to me in real life?”


The superstition of death incorporated in this local horror is spine-tingling. If you didn’t know yet, “sundo” means ghost companion, or a late relative or close loved one who accompanies a person as he faces his death.



My Best Animated and Superhero Movies





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True, I am and will always be a fan of Disney films. But I tell you, no matter how many Disney movies I’ve seen, nothing can match my love for Tangled.


I super admire the characters’ personalities. They seem so real to me! Rapunzel being the clumsy dreamer, optimistic gal, and Flynn Rider being a funny, laid back guy with superhuman good looks. How many times did I watch this musical fantasy-comedy film again? I lost count. All I know is that I came to the point where I already memorized the lines and the songs.



Monsters, Inc.



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Monster Inc. may be a more comedy-leaning animated film, but for me, it’s one of the most heart-breaking cartoons in history.  If you’ve watched this, you’d agree when I say Boo’s frightened face when she accidentally saw Sulley yelling and scaring was the most tear-jerking scene ever. I wish Pixar would create a sequel, too. You know, when Boo grows to be a teen then meets Sulley and Mike again. That would be interesting.



Captain America: The First Avenger



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Aside from being a fan of Disney, I’m also a Marvel supporter. And one of my favorite Marvel films? Captain America, of course!


This is the kind of movie that you will want to watch over and over again. The action scenes are so incredible, and the story’s narration is flawless. You will easily understand every detail, even if you didn’t read the comics version (like me). Its sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is incredibly awesome, too, with all those intense fight scenes.



I usually download or buy DVD copies of my favorite movies so I can watch them anytime I want. But I heard that there will be a new app that will allow us movie buffs to stream or download our favorite Hollywood films straight from our mobile phones. Can’t wait to try that app out when it becomes available!


Now that I’ve shared my best movies, it’s your turn! What are your favorite films, regardless if it’s Hollywood or local? Share it below! You can even post the link to its trailer so I can watch it myself. Happy Weekend!