Hello Globe Community!


Top Pinoy websites, Yugatech and Astig.ph, just posted a poll where we, certified music lovers, can vote for the best music streaming application in the country. Technology news and reviews site, Yugatech, listed five music apps to be voted on: Spinnr, Deezer, Spotify, Rdio, and Guvera; while Astig.ph thinks that only three services, Spotify, Deezer, and SPINNR, should be in for this battle.


I’ve already cast my vote, and I picked Spotify as my best music streaming app. Because aside from the fact that it has over 30 million songs and more than 1.5 billion playlists to choose from, it also has a built-in equalizer, a touch preview feature, and it automatically suggests good playlists.


So, what’s your pick? Take the polls now and let’s see which music streaming app will win!


Vote here:


Yugatech: What’s your music streaming service of choice?



Astig.ph: Spotify vs Deezer vs SPINNR: Which music app is the best?