Only few weeks left before Summer officially starts! Are your swim suits already set? Is your beach body ready?


This Wednesday, let me help you prepare for this much-awaited season. Just for now, forget the usual swimsuits and the typical sun glasses. Make your Summer 2015 memorable by making yourself the crowd's center of attention.



Pac-Man Swimsuit



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Be the apple of every gamer’s eye when you hit the beach with this cute Pac-Man one-piece swimsuit! This summer must-have is truly a head-turner as it displays the Pac-Man universe and the whole gang from the hit arcade game of the ‘80s. Want this for summer? Avail of it at the Black Milk Clothing store.



Neon Pink Board Shorts



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Surely, you’ll be the coolest guy at the beach once you wear board shorts as striking as this!


This summer clothing piece is perfect to wear when you’re at busy beach resorts, like Boracay, because you’ll definitely get the attention of most girls. Available at Hurley, this pair is made from recycled super suede polyester, and has a patch pocket with Velcro flap.



Mermaid Tails



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Girls! For this season only, your dream of becoming a mythical creature can come true! Enjoy the clear water and swim around like you’re the queen of the pool with these colorful mermaid tails!


Available at Finfolk Productions, these swimming gear is designed and painted in striking colors, and features a monofin so you can swim freely and without worries.



Pixelated Sunglasses



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Summer happens only once in a year, so might as well enjoy it. And I guess one of the best ways to enjoy the season is by wearing things you don’t usually wear – like this pixelated sunglasses from CNC-Design Shop.


Forget what others will think! This eye wear, also called the Deal With It Sunglasses, will not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, it will also turn you into the hippest dude at the seashore!



The thing is, you don’t have to spend and prepare too much to look cool and fab this Summer. You just need a little bit of creativity, and a huge amount of guts. Happy Wednesday!