Sunnier, hotter days are fast approaching. Whether you're young or old, working or not, grab this opportunity to do something simple yet fun or go somewhere exciting.


Planning Starts with You

Create your own summer experience or participate in the planning process. Be open to delegating tasks to and accepting tasks from others to make this upcoming season successful. Planning activities for summer is, coincidentally, as easy as setting up your Globe myLifestyle Plan.


Choose your Companion/s

Customize your summer experience by choosing who you want to spend this season with. Spend it with your family, with friends from school or the neighborhood, with your colleagues, with the members of your community or organization, with a special "plus one", or simply with yourself. If you're really enthusiastic, schedule at least an activity with each choice.


Choose your Activities

The usual activity for summer is going to the beach. Keep in mind, however, that there are a variety of activities that can still be done. Go ice-skating with your family. Play board games with friends. Plan a surprise party with co-workers. Learn a new sport with your community members. Start a fitness program with your significant other. Go solo and volunteer at a charitable institution and meet new friends. Do an activity one after another. Mix and match activities that complement each other.


Be Mindful of Reminders

Not all activities are the same because there are those that will require careful research and planning. Take advantage of apps and services like TripAdvisor, Waze, Google Maps, Agoda for ventures that involve traveling. Write all the details down in a notebook or in Evernote. Work within a budget to avoid being broke. Encourage your companions to start saving a portion of their income early and regularly to avoid having to borrow money or even flaking at the last minute due to insufficient funds. Stick to a schedule as much as possible and carefully plan out the long weekends. Delegate tasks to others to engage them and don't be afraid to ask for help. Form a Facebook Group and a Chat Group where you can publish regular updates about your planned activities and reminders. If you are a group of students, seek permission from and plan with your parents or guardians. Give a heads up or itinerary to a trusted person when you're traveling alone. Keep all activities fun and safe. Document your summer escapades and share your photos and videos via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


How are you planning to spend your sunny days? Share your suggestions, tips, and reminders below in the comments. Have a wonderful summer!